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Organic, Fair Trade and Eco-Friendly Products delivered to your door

Based in the small town of Topsham, near Exeter, Estuary Organics is a small food distribution company delivering bulk organic, fair trade and eco-friendly products to homes in Topsham and the Exeter area.

We specialise in 'store cupboard' items, leaving the fresh foods to other excellent local suppliers such as Rod and Ben's.

We operate a very simple ordering system:

If you would like a printed copy please either call us or just email us.

Telephone - (01392) 874 642


Order/Delivery Schedules

March 2011
Orders in by 21st March 2011
Delivery will be on 24th March 2011

April 2011
Orders in by 25th April 2011
Delivery will be on 29th April 2011


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